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Imperial Air is a group company of Imperial Holding, led by its chairman, Manav Singh. It is the only Air charter service in India associated with services in high end Air Charter, Aircraft Management and 24*7 Air Ambulance services.

Providing you with the best Air charter services available in India, our fleet of aircraft are spread across the country, giving you easy and quick access to the aircraft of your choice, at your time and convenience.

Imperial Air specializes in Air Ambulance services which include specialized doctors on call 24*7, any day of the year. The aircraft are fitted with all required life support and medical equipment’s and is India’s safest and most reliable medical air service. Imperial Air also offers international medical evacuation.

As the oldest and most experienced jet charter company in India, our experience enables us to ensure that you always have exceptional service and 100% safety at all times.

At Imperial Air we realize the value of your time and the comfort you are accustomed to and ensure that your travel is seamless and customized to suit your personal tastes and lifestyle. Personal attention to every detail of your flight, precision scheduling and concierge services make private jet travel the truly pleasurable experience it is meant to be. Hire a plane and experience luxurious travel.

Rent a jet and get a flying experience like never before.

Our safety procedures and aircraft adhere strictly to the highest specifications of the DGCA and FAA standards.

Our exclusive charter services strive to provide you with an unparalleled flying experience. A professional, polite and proficient team ensures you enjoy speed and safety, just the way you like it. The quality, experience and exclusivity of our handpicked team redefines customer service standards in the aviation industry.

At Imperial Air, we pride ourselves on discreetness, flexibility and passion for quality. So, whether you’re traveling for personal reasons or business, when you choose Imperial Air, you fly above them all.

Imperial Air offers easy aircraft rentals.


Whether it is a short 200 mile trip to Jaipur, or a long one to any corner of the world, we have an aircraft that will meet every requirement. Book VIP charter, book corporate jet or private jet charter and experience exceptional flying with Imperial Air. Rent an aircraft for your next travel and fly in luxury and comfort.


Promoted by the Imperial Holding Group, a brand known for luxury and style, Imperial Air exudes similar standards. Rent a plane and receive the best in luxury flying and peace of mind that comes with it. Our services don’t just extend to in-flight hospitality, we believe in making the entire experience personalized and convenient. Imperial Air is responsible for the best air charters in India. Regal and responsible, Imperial Air allows you to travel in style while ensuring you meet your commitments on time, every time.

There are no boundaries any more. Imperial Air offers international aircraft rental. Book charters in India and several international destinations.


We understand the value of your time, and strive to achieve high levels of aircraft reliability, at Imperial Air hire a jet and get the maximum out of your trip with no compromise on aircraft safety. We consider flexibility a part of reliability and do everything possible to meet your timelines. We strive to provide you with best air charter service in India.


With experience comes expertise, our entire team is handpicked and has years of experience to back their professional expertise. We understand that you are the best at what you do, and rely on us to be the best at what we do. Our VIP charter service is a combination of luxury and comfort.


Imperial Air is lead by its Chairman Manav Singh. A pioneer of the aircraft fractional ownership in India, Mr. Singh is an icon of the Indian business aviation industry. He is known to be a passionate flier with a strong insight into the needs and preferences of the high-profile business traveler, being one himself. He promotes several aviation-related ventures from aircraft charters, aircraft maintenance, component management, and support to aircraft interior refurbishment MRO, aircraft auditing and consulting and more.

The Imperial Air management is hand picked by its Chairman, to ensure that only the best in the industry are responsible for your safety


(Vice President- Business
Development & Marketing)

Imperial Air will be the Benchmark in Indian Aviation, by delivering the highest level of safety, while ensuring that it’s distinguished clients get the ultimate experience in luxury, reliability, and value.


We are the benchmark in Aviation Hospitality - on the ground, and in the Sky.


At Imperial Air, we are proud to have an incident and accident free flying history. We ensure that we fly any airplane in a 100% safe condition. Our quality managers are highly reputed in the industry and report directly to the Chairman on every safety issue. Your safety is our integral responsibility and highest priority.


We understand the value of your time, and strive to achieve high levels of aircraft reliability, so that you get the maximum out of your plane.


Imperial Air has successfully found, evaluated and acquired the right aircraft for many buyers. Our extensive industry relationship as well as our in-depth experience ensures that specifications, negotiations, inspections and other details of aircraft acquisition are taken care of without causing you any stress.

We can help you enjoy your aircraft ownership experience by extending to you benefits like hassle-free yet expert aircraft acquisition assistance, aircraft induction, maintenance and everyday aircraft administration to ensure that you can fly in comfort and safety whenever, wherever.

Our Aircraft Management Services include:


  • Your Account Manager will serve as your one stop contact

  • Imperial Air will manage and give year-round cabin crew support

  • Pilots, engineers and flight operation team members support will be provided in recruiting for the best quality and highest standards

  • Quality Control, Assurance and Safety teams are in place to manage processes and maintain compliance.

  • Planning, scheduling, supervision, documentation and review of all maintenance, both scheduled and unscheduled will be done by Imperial Air.

  • Imperial Air will source spares and provide repairs as and when necessary

  • Imperial Air flight operations team will take care of complete Trip Planning and Flight Dispatching

  • We will coordinate with getting all the requisite flying permits, clearances at airports for landing, take-off and parking

  • We will coordinate payments to airports and verify all trip related costs/li>
  • Imperial Air arranges catering and other trip requirements including ground crew and a Hostess on board for your safety

  • Imperial Air maintains all DGCA requirements.

  • We maintain the aircraft as per manufacturer and DGCA specifications and provide maintenance services through certified agencies and with processes that are in compliance with international standards and OEM recommendations


  • Fixed and transparent annual management fees

  • Detailed monthly reports of aircraft usage and expenses

  • Potential to lower ownership costs if you choose to make your aircraft available through Imperial Air.

  • Imperial Air will clear the charter dates as well as the profile of the passengers prior to operating the aircraft on charter.

  • We treat your aircraft with the same attention to detail and responsibility as we extend to our in-house fleet.

    Imperial Air Clinic|Air Ambulance Services Delhi|Medical Flight

    Patients who cannot be transported by ground ambulance or commercial airlines require air medical transport. These critically ill or injured patients can be transferred across the country on board a medically configured aircraft, equipped with a stretcher, advance life support equipment, medications and trained medical crew.


    Our medically trained rescue team is with the patient during the entire trip, bedside to bedside. On board the aircraft our team monitors and cares for the patient and on the ground the same team provides a seamless transfer to the receiving facility, handing over the complete medical details of the patient to medical personnel receiving the patient.


    The King Air C-90 is the preferred aircraft selected for its safety, especially the safety of its TWIN ENGINES. The aircraft is customized and fitted with the latest medical equipment and monitoring, making it an intensive care unit in the air.


    We have been transporting critically ill patients for the past 15 years and are the leading air ambulance service providers in India. Our medical team is experienced, dedicated and skilled to provide the best care. The crew regularly upgrades their skills with AHA, ACLS and Scientific Seminars. Depending on the criticality of the patient, medical teams from our partner hospitals can also be activated.



    We transport patients with Ventilator / NIV supported ARDS if they are suffering from septicemia or traumatic brain injury. Patients with spinal cord injuries have spinal boards and the best immobilization equipment. Organ transplant recipients are treated as special cases and transport requirements are done accordingly.

    We also help you transfer specially challenged patients who are unfit for transfer by commercial flight.The entire evacuation is carried out under the surveillance of a medical Doctor.You can choose the hospital/medical facility of your choice and we shall coordinate with them.Your choice, and we shall coordinate with them.IIn house and committed medical team with more than 15 years of experience for medical assistance are available.

    These Packages Are Available In Gold, Silver And Platinum Depending Upon Accomodation.
    Outsource your entire flight department to Imperial Air.

  • Save on Costs.

  • Improve Safety.

  • Increase your aircraft reliability.

  • Save time.

  • Access to a number of member aircraft.

  • ContactUs for detailed proposal.

    At Imperial Air, we pride ourselves on providing you with personalized services to meet your every need. Our customers have come to expect us to repeatedly meet or exceed their expectations, each time they fly with Imperial Air.

    Reach the airport to be met by a dedicated Airport Manager, highly qualified baggage handlers and courteous, efficient chauffeurs. Your flight in luxury has already taken off.

    Sink into plush, luxurious seats that envelop you comfortably as you get down to business. Savor the finest cuisine, catered specially for your exclusive tastes, as you brainstorm business deals or chat about the places you’ll visit.

    Enjoy the finest on-board entertainment and personalized choices to make the hours go by in a breeze. The sole aim of our staff is to anticipate your every need and ensure the highest comfort and convenience when you fly with us.

    We handpick our Hospitality Team to ensure you receive the prompt, polite and professional services that you and your business deserve.

    Our hospitality team consists of air hostesses that are trained by the best experts in the country, baggage handlers that respect your belongings and crew members who value the time you spend on board with us.

    We believe in going above and beyond to ensure that when you fly with Imperial Air, you enjoy every minute of your Business Jet travel. After all, when you choose a private charter, you expect nothing but the very best.



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    Tel : + 91 - 11 - 25675791,

    25671970. Ext. 103 or 105

    Mobile : + 91 - 8527197601

    Mobile : + 91 - 8527197606

    Fax : + 91 - 11 - 25675742

    E-Mail :

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